A Spiritual Connection Far Beyond Words

I remember the day she was born. I felt a joy deep inside me that was so overwhelming I couldn’t breathe. My body was exhausted but my spirit was alive, as I held my beautiful baby girl in my arms.

She looked deep into my eyes and the strangest thing happened, it was as though we had recognised each other far beyond the 9 months she was in my womb. She then closed her little eyes and rested in my arms. The energy in my body was explosive. I felt all the energy in my body activated. I was exploding with this incredible, amazing and phenomenal energy, that I felt like I was this incredible light. At that point I realised I created light when my baby girl was born. She glowed like a pretty violet light, the light was so gentle, so soft and so serene and at that point, I closed my eyes and we became one in this beautiful violet light.

A tear fell from my eye, it was at this point I realised the power of unconditional love as I held my baby girl in my arms. I stared at her for hours in amazement and found it hard to comprehend the enormity of our new existence. The violet light never stopped glowing, until hours later when she was taken from my arms as she took her last breath. I can still remember the loud noises in the room, but the world seemed to stand still around me. My little baby girl was fighting to stay alive, her breath stopped, her heart strained and her spirit shifting and finding its way back to the spirit world. I held her little hand as I knew our time together on the physical plane was coming to an end.

I observed the violent light change colour to a beautiful soft pink. I knew she was leaving me and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I yelled so loud inside my body but no one could hear me. Then a gentle peacefulness came over me and I heard my little girl say “mummy, I love you so much and I am sorry for leaving you, but we will meet again, so please don’t be too sad”. She then took her last breath, I fell the floor and screamed out loud. A nurse fell to the floor with me and held me, while another nurse wrapped my little baby girl and gave her to me.
I stared at her hours and eventually gave her a name. I called her Violet.

Bernadette Sutherland

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