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About Me

Hi, I’m Bernadette

It wasn’t until my early 30’s that I began my career in the helping industry. I have always had a passion for empowering people and facilitating change.

In my work as a therapist, I like to say that I am creative, intuitive and passionate and provide a space that allows people to discover themselves.

I tend to use a variety of techniques and tools that assist the counselling practice, such as art therapy, play therapy, inner child work,  guided imagery and visualisation and the use of creative cards and systemic family constellations (individual constellations and group constellations). 

Empowering People

I like the idea of empowering individuals to tap into a deeper level of awareness allowing change to occur at a conscious level.  I have found in my career to date that many people feel disempowered as a result of life experiences, unhealthy relationships and the pressures of life itself. I believe in empowering people by evoking inner awareness, memories, feelings and images using meditation, breath work, visualisation, symbolic work and body sensations that bring them one step closer to realising themselves.  When one realises themselves, they are a witness to their true potential.

I studied a Diploma of Counselling and worked in private practice with individuals and couples. I then moved into the Women’s Health Sector employed as a generalist counsellor and group facilitator. I worked with a variety of issues ranging from trauma, domestic violence, grief, family issues, relationship issues, stress, impacted identity and mental health disorders.


In 2008 I began studying a Masters degree in Health Science (Sexual Health) with the University of Sydney after recognising the complex sexual needs that were being presented in my counselling room. Studying this degree was an incredible experience and opened up new doors for expanding my business and helping more clients.

In 1998, I was introduced to meditation by my husband who studied Yoga in India in the late 1970’s. In 2005 meditation became a topic of interest. I started meditating regularly and researching meditation, spirituality, the soul’s journey and the after life. In 2007, I started teaching meditation to women; this experience was such a blessing. Teaching meditation has been an incredible journey.  The most incredible experience of all, is being involved and part of a women’s group that I facilitate weekly. These women are so inspiring and I truly love our journey together. In 2011, I produced my first meditation CD “The Valley of Silence” and in 2014, I produced another 4 meditation CD’s focused on spiritual awareness and awakening (to find out more go to the products page). My purpose is to create spiritual awareness for self discovery.

In December 2013, I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer 48 days after her diagnosis. Losing my mother has been devastating and has connected me to a level of grief that I have never experienced in my life before. Losing my mother taught me about the deepest level of empathy and understanding. Now, I am more passionate about meeting people on the inside (the inner self/awareness) and not the surface superficial self.  I am more determined now than ever to reach my full potential and teach other to do the same. If you are reading this and we come across each other in this lifetime, I hope I impact you in a way that is meaningful and loving.


Masters of Health Science (Sexual Health) – The University of Sydney

Diploma in Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Reiki Masters – Barbara Cook and Margaret Thomas

Pet Bereavement Counsellor Diploma – Centre of Excellence 

Women’s Circle Facilitator Training – Honouring Heart – Imogen Bailey 

Journal Therapy Diploma – Centre of Excellence

Supervisor Training – Australian Counselling Association (College of Supervisors)

Certification in Systemic Family Constellations  – Yildiz Sethi  (Family Constellations Pty Ltd)

Trauma-Informed Certificate – The Centre for Healing 


(ACA) Australian Counselling Association (Professional Member, Level 4)