Being a therapist is such a rewarding role and connects you to so many people and so many stories.

I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most amazing human beings, some of which have stayed a long time, while others only stay a session or two.

The core of my work is “inner child work” and “shadow work”. Inner child and shadow work is hard work. It takes a courageous human being to go deep within to see their inner wounds and then become aware of why they act, feel and think the way they do. Ultimately, what we are doing is bringing the unconscious to the conscious.

I provide a space for people to unpack their inner world and at times, fall apart. This might sound dramatic or negative to some of you, but it is far from negative. There is nothing more powerful than to go into your inner world and uncover the pain that is living inside you.  I have been a witness to people crying a thousand tears. I’ve been yelled at just a couple of times and even had people walk out on me, but they come back, because something deep inside them knows that seeking their inner truth is worth it.

People are finally starting to wake up.  We need to awaken “our soul” and “our collective”.  A powerful way of doing this is “shadows work” seeking the parts of us that prevent us from being our true, authentic being. Waking up is “enlightening”.

For many of us the easy way out is to either “avoid” our pain or “blame” someone else for how we feel. Blaming others takes away our power but for most of us, it feels good to blame others, because it means that we don’t have to be responsible for our feelings and our actions. Our unconscious childhood wounds are controlling us and most of us are unaware that this is happening.

Each one of us whether we care to admit it or not are in pain.

If I could sum up what I do in just a few words it would be that “I walk with others to change the collective”.

It’s time for us to speak the unspoken language that is living within us and to heal our pain. We all deserve to live in peace.

Bernadette Sutherland offer:

Creative counselling styles such as art and play therapy & Workshops, Retreats and Meditation classes

Session time and fees

Therapy sessions are 1.5 hours and cost $120.00

Am I eligible for Medicare rebate

Counsellors are not eligible for the Medicare rebate.

What are the practice hours

There are no set times for counselling practice hours. Appointments are made at a times suitable to both client and counsellor.

Bernadette sees clients for a variety of different issues ranging from:
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Spiritual awareness/personal growth
  • Self esteem/confidence
  • Relationship/couple issues
  • Divorce and separation
  • Family issues
  • Stress
  • Meditation and Relaxation
Why the right counsellor is important

I want you to imagine for a minute the friends you have in your life. I have no doubt you have friends you can talk to openly and really trust, and then you have friends you don’t talk to openly, yet you still value their friendship. Finding the right counsellor is as equally important as having a friend you can trust. Even though counsellors are not your friend, they are a professional who establishes an open relationship with you that entails trust. This trusting relationship then allows you the opportunity to open up and work through your issues. When a positive therapeutic relationship is established between counsellor and client, change will occur.

Bernadette’s Definition of Counselling

Counselling is so much more than talking, its an opportunity to tune into a language that we don’t often give a voice to and that is our inner world. So many people avoid what they feel inside and try and fix it with solution focused techniques. I want to hear your inner world speak to me as we gently explore all aspects of self, unfolding the layers of life and eventually tapping into the authentic being, the true aspect of self .

Healing pain leads to Authenticity!
You can’t heal what you can’t feel!