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Dear Mum in Heaven

The aching feeling that lives in her heart is a reflection of the pain that she feels every single day after losing her mother. The doctors gave her mother twelve months to live but forty eight days later she was dead.

This book gives you a raw insight into the sacred journey of true love between a mother and her daughter from the time of diagnosis until the day her mother took her last breath and beyond. Her parallel realities intertwining, moments of profound love filled her heart and then moments of utter agony twisted her stomach, as she watched her mother die.

Losing a mother is devastating but living without her is unbearable.

John Woodcock

Author Bernadette Sutherland has given birth to a book—a deeply felt, personal account of her mum’s passage into death. The book is styled as a daily diary and so we are drawn into detailed, unsparing, in-the-moment descriptions of her mum’s physical decline as she slowly succumbs to terminal cancer. The author’s descriptions are written in a first-person narrative style, as we would expect from diary entries, and the effect of this chosen literary style is to draw us close to the bed of a dying woman, as close as Bernadette was to her mum. This is not a book that mirrors distant medical observations. It is a portrait of a mother and daughter sharing intimate moments as a body gives way to the ravages of cancer and finally expires. There is not a lot of commentary accompanying these moments. We are thus kept very close to the actuality of the dying process, in its sheer physicality, as it works its powerful effects on the psyches of daughter and mother

Melita Valcich

Dear Mum In Heaven is a beautiful and raw book about loosing a mother. The author recounts her true feelings through the harrowing times, yet makes you feel like you are sharing a moment with her. I cried, whilst kept on the edge on how the new day would unfold. The strong connection many have to their mothers I’m sure is something many can relate to in this book. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey.


Thank you. It’s so weird isn’t it. To write an amazing book on grief, love, death and all the in between but at a cost, an unimaginable cost of loss. Through the book my whole heart went out to you and your mum. I’m nearly finished. And oh yes I have cried buckets. I was reading last night and I had to put it down. The pain I felt reading a certain part just got to me. And I couldn’t see through my tears. I can’t wait to finish it off. It’s all I’ve thought about since I started reading it. When I’m finished I will message you. I just can’t thank you enough for your honesty and courage to share your journey. It’s helped me more then you’ll ever know.


Omg your book was amazing. Admittedly I had to put it down numerous times and debrief myself before I picked it up again, having to almost relive my own mother’s death. I cried so much and so hard during it as well. Overall it was perfect. Your mumma would be so proud leaving such a legacy.


I thank the author for her honesty in writing this profound memoir. This book is beautifully written and describes what it is to have our hearts cracked open in the face of unfathomable loss. It is a full account of how a daughter and mother experience their grief during and beyond their physical parting. The grief is raw and tangible in each and every word and leaves one feeling they are not alone in this thing we call life. A big thumbs up from me!

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