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Do You Ever Wonder About Life?

Do you ever wonder about life?

Do you ever wonder about life, our purpose, the reason why we are here. The people we meet. The experiences we have. The pain we feel. The joy we celebrate. The good jobs, the bad jobs. The great boss, the awful boss. The incredible partner, the mismatched partner. The dreams that come true and the dreams that haven’t.

I wonder all the time.

I wonder about my mum in heaven and how she is going. I wonder whether she is happy there. I often think about her and imagine what heaven would be like.  I imagine heaven is this incredible place. I imagine it being so beautiful and so colourful and so peaceful. I imagine all the spirits in heaven healing and having the most incredible time meeting up with loved ones and friends they had here on earth. I imagine heaven is a place to rest the soul – whether that be for a short time or a long time.

I then wonder about my family and why I chose them.. What is the purpose and lessons I need to learn from my family.

I then wonder about my friends, my current friends and the old friends that are no longer part of my life. What is the purpose and lessons I need to learn from my friends.

I then wonder about the teachers I have had throughout my life. The incredible lessons they have taught me. The many doors they opened and the many doors they closed. The beliefs they challenged and the values they cultivated.

Then I wonder about my spiritual path. Raised a Catholic, now practicing the Buddhist way of life (even though I am not perfect at it). How did I get to Buddhism and what do I really need to learn.

Then I wonder about the people I meet through my job as a counsellor. Walking alongside them in their deepest pain and suffering and then experiencing some of their greatest joy and love . The polarity of their life.

Even though all this wondering about life is real to me and that I too have felt pain and at times caused pain, I know for sure that the “now” is the only moment we have.

Right “now” I am putting words to feelings and experiences and this is my “now”. In one hours time, my “now” will be different.

I do know for sure that everyone experiences pain at certain times in their life and we would be a fool to ignore what we are feeling. So if the “now” is a painful, then reach inside you and find a way that will nurture your “now” and allow you to filter the pain.

I am learning that if we don’t allow ourselves to filter our pain, then our pain will manifest somewhere in the body or in the mind and cause illness.

The “now” is our moment to make a difference in our life and at times in the life of others.

The “now” is only what we make it.  So today make your “NOW” be a moment that matters.

Wondering about our life, brings us in the “Now” and at times can also force us to make the necessary changes to cultivate our chosen path.

I wonder about those that read this article, will we ever cross paths and have a moment of “NOW”

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