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Energy is Magnetic – There is something so beautiful about energy

Energy and the flow of life

I was introduced to the concept of “energy” quite some time ago and to be truly honest I am still learning about energy, how it works, how it effects us and how our own energy impacts our day to day routine.

Everything is energy, our breath, our body, our cells, the plants, the trees, our thoughts, our words and our actions.

I want to talk about our thoughts, words and actions as energy. Imagine for a moment that you wake up in the morning and automatically think about how much you dislike your job. Immediately you are creating an energy for your day. Energy attracts energy……. Which means in this scenario dislike will attract dislike. You have automatically set up the energy for your day and the likelihood of having a bad day is moderate to high.

Now imagine that you wake one morning and you feel good about life, your friends, your job and most things around you. Again energy attracts energy which means you are creating a day that attracts more love and like and the likelihood of having a good day is pretty good.

Our words are energy….. When we speak harsh words to others, we not only harm those we speak the words too, but we harm our energy body.

Our actions have energy

Our actions have energy….. When we use harmful actions we get harmful results and this too harms our energy body.

Everything we think, say and do will determine how we live our life.

I understand we all have negative events in our life and at times they can have a huge impact on the way we think and feel. In saying that I still think that we can take some responsibility for our words, feelings and actions and create an outcome that is less harmful to the self and to others. I know this is not easy when we are struggling, so a small amount of effort can bring the relief that we need for us to survive the day or the impact of the events that are taking place in our life right now.

Energy is real – we are made up of energy.

So practice being mindful of your energy and how it impacts you and others and more importantly how it impacts your life in general.

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