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How To Create Your Own Manifestation Book

The instructions for creating your own manifestation book are very basic:

Supplies needed are simple: scissors, paper, glue, magazines, clippings, pen, pencils, scrapbooking supplies and maybe a favourite photo or two.

This art project is a fun way to focus on the things that bring you joy, wellness, prosperity and much more…….

Let’s get started, creating your own manifestion book:

Choose affirmative words and colourful picture clipped from magazine or Google your pictures online (Pixabay). Your words and images tell stories about what you cherish most about your life.

You will also want to include things which you wish to attract into your life. For example, you may wish to attract good health, new friendships, possibly a new job; you get the idea.

Now all you have to so is begin to create as many pages as you like in your manifestation book. You may start off with just a page or two and when you feel the desire to add more to the book, go ahead and do so.

Eventually, you will have a manifestation book full of love, joy and the many possibilities that you wish to bring into your life.

I really hope you enjoy creating your manifestation book.

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