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How To Manifest Using The Chakras

I absolutely love this idea of manifesting using your chakras. I found this information about 9 years ago from a book called Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith.

Maybe you could spend some time manifesting using her concept below.

Have fun manifesting…….

Crown – This is where we have the idea or concept  (The idea)

Third eye – This is where the idea becomes a set of images  (We see the idea)

Throat – The idea is then communicated to other in a form of a story  (We communicate the idea)

Heart  – As the idea further develops and others get involved – we enter a set of relationships  (We share the ideas with others)

Solar Plexis – This is where we give it all our will and energy (We emotional attach to the idea by giving it energy)

Naval – Rehearsing the movement and bringing its concepts and physical ailments together (We bring the idea into reality)

Base – This is where we manifest the play on the physical plane in front of an audience (The idea is now alive in the physical world)


Wheels of Life – Anodea Judith


How to manifest using Chakras

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