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A Simple Relaxation Technique

Here is your simple relaxation Technique:

  1. Find a quiet and comfortable position either sitting up or lying down. If you can wear comfortable clothing, nothing to tight. Once you have found that relaxing position then close your eyes.
  1. Concentrate on taking 3 deep breathes, the return to normal breathing, feeling calm and relaxed.
  1. On the out breathe; say the word “relax” in a gentle voice. Do this several times as you feel yourself becoming more relaxed.
  1. Try and imagine a beautiful scene, somewhere where you will feel relaxed. E.g. laying on the beach listening to the waves crashing in or sitting on top of a hill admiring the beautiful views, the green grass, the birds singing, and the sun shining bright. Continue to breathe and imagine the scene of your choice several times.
  1. When you have reached the point of relaxation, take a slow deep breathe, open your eyes, stretch your body and when you are ready get up slowly.

Practice this technique whenever you are feeling anxious, stressed or for relaxation

Download the FREE Guided Meditation Below:

The Guided Relaxation


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