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How to use visualisation to improve your well-being

When you are visualising a change in your life you are not just “day dreaming” What you are doing is setting an intention. When you set an intention, you are reprogramming yourself to create a whole new you.

Below are some simple and easy steps that will help you achieve the maximum results:

  1. Choose a specific time during the day to visualise. It has been suggested by many people that the best time of day is before you go to sleep at night or upon awakening.
  1. It is best to have your affirmation/intention ready before you begin the visualisation.
  1. Make sure you are relaxed, calm and centered. You can do this by taking in a couple of deep breaths and imagining the breath moving through your body and relaxing your entire being.
  1. With your eyes closed, allow yourself to imagine whatever the affirmation/intention that you have set for yourself. Most often you will see this from the third eye (in between the brow), or many people will experience the image in their body. Begin to really feel whatever you are visualising in your body. While you visualise, let your body relax into all of the joyous feelings that this new way of being has created.
  1. To conclude your visualisation, repeat your affirmation/intention silently to yourself then voice it privately out loud.

Once you have finished your visualization, sleep peacefully or enjoy your new day with a sense of being and feeling like something inside you has changed.



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