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Inner Child (Parts Work)

She whispered silently, that little voice inside

She spoke of the wisdom that swirls within me and asked me to honour it with pride

Her words were very faint, I could barely hear her sounds, but I felt her within me, a softness quite profound

As I close my eyes gently, an image appears

An image that shows me of the wisdom, that’s evolving within me

I witnessed my inner beauty and the many parts of me

Yet, one part stood out and that was the miracle of me

I allowed myself to go deeper

Where I could see my higher self

She was tall and beautiful, kind and sweet and she had a message for me

She asked me to be kind to the many parts of me, especially, the ones that hurt

She begged me to hold a safe space for them, as they express their inner voice. The voice that holds the space for the memories, that swirl in feelings and beliefs

I took a deep breath and moved towards the part; the part was screaming loud. I dropped deeper into me and saw a memory of a little girl in pain and suffocating in fear

I gently moved towards her and sat right by her side and watched her cry a million tears and felt her pain inside

My body clenching very tight, as I feel her inside. She told me she’d been screaming for me, to come and sit by her side

I felt a tightness in my chest and realised it was her. This was her way of communicating with me and telling me she was there. It was today that I realised that she was a part of me, and she was in so much pain

I sat with her for quite some time and watched her cry and scream. My heart clenched, and skipped a beat, but I didn’t try to change a thing

Eventually, she came to me and sat right in my lap and all I did was hold her, as tightly as I could. She buried her head in my chest and sobbed for a while and in that moment, I recall, the feeling inside my chest. Holy shit, that was you, the entire time…….

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