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Journal Therapy 3 Primary Uses for Therapeutic Journaling

What is Journal Therapy?

Journaling therapy is a treatment method that helps people who may be suffering from trauma or other emotional and mental disorders. It is used by therapists and coaches to help people learn about themselves more deeply which in turn promotes overall wellbeing.

Journal therapy, is also called “writing therapy” and is described as a form of expressive writing that has a many therapeutic benefits.

There are 3 primary uses for therapeutic journaling:

  1. To improve mood and memory
  2. To encourage people to take the next step in life
  3. To help reduce symptoms of chronic diseases

Here are 5 benefits of journal therapy:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Regulate emotions
  3. Boosts working memory
  4. Develops emotional intelligence
  5. Helps achieve goals

I like to incorporate journaling therapy to the counselling process because it allows people an opportunity to make quality time for themselves and their feelings outside the counselling room. It also enhances the healing journey for the client as they begin to know themselves more deeply.

Often the client will bring their journaling notes to a session, sharing their feelings and what they have learned about themselves and their feelings.

Our feelings are worthy of feeling

Journal Therapy

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