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Keeping a Journal

Keeping a journal is such a beautiful way of honouring our feelings and what is going on inside us.

Often, we find it difficult to express our feelings through spoken words and this is where journaling can help. It allows us to express whatever it is that we are feeling, through words on paper.

It let’s us to go deeper than the spoken language. Most often we get to the core of whatever it is that is causing us distress or uncertainty, or we may just want to let go of something that bothers us (like an irrational belief).

Keeping a journal will help you to:

  1. Focus your attention and awareness on what is happening within you
  2. Observe patterns in your life and understand how they impact you
  3. Discover/acknowledge conscious and unconscious feelings
  4. Reinforce an appreciation of what is true for you

 How to prepare for journaling?

  1. Set aside some time for journaling
  2. Keep it honest. You are writing for yourself, not for anyone else
  3. Write freely – concentrate on feelings and changes rather than on spelling and writing style

Here is a simple guide to releasing feelings:

 You can ask yourself the following:

  • Why am I upset?
  • Why am I angry?
  • Why am I scared or anxious?
  • Why am I sad?
  • Why do I feel guilty?
  • Why do I feel hurt?
  • Why do I feel inspired?
  • Why do I feel happy?
  • Why do I feel threatened?

Reflect and look at things in a calm way:

 What lessons did I learn when reading over my writing?

  • Who should I thank?
  • Is there anyone I need to forgive?
  • Praise yourself for having the courage to seek self knowledge
  • Lighten the load by letting go of past hurts and blaming others for what I feel.

Keeping a Journal

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