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My First Memory

My First Memory

This is a reflective exercise that may bring up some deep emotions. So often we are afraid to feel our emotions, but I encourage you to not be afraid and to embrace them.

I want you to spend some quite time reflecting on your past. The purpose of this reflective exercise is to recall the first memory you have of your mother.

There are probably lots of memories, but note the first one that comes to you. It may be a sad or angry memory and if it is, go with that memory. Don’t try and make it a happy one. I think as much as we all love our mother and don’t want to think or say anything bad about her, we have to honour the memory that is showing up.

For whatever reason, your psyche wants you to remember the first memory that comes to you, so please be sincere and honour the memory.

Using your journal, write down the memory, feelings and sensations that have expressed themselves to you about your first memory. Really allow the memory to sink deep into your being.

Now read what you have written in your journal and spend a few minutes contemplating the memory, being mindful of how it makes you feel. I recommend you write everything down in your journal, just in case you need to reflect back on it at a later date.

You might find that lots of feelings come up for you with this memory, but please don’t judge the feelings, just allow them to be there. Spend some time with whatever is coming up for you and don’t rush this experience.  Be patient and be gentle with yourself as the memory expresses itself to you.

You may notice that the feelings that came up during this reflective exercise are most likely some of the feelings that you are experiencing as part of your current grief journey. I want you to really become aware of this and note this is your journal too. This is what we are looking for; the feelings linked to a past memory or trauma.

“Allow the memories to gently rest in your heart and feel the love”