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What I Most Loved About My Mum

What I Most Loved About My Mum

What did you most LOVE about your mum when she was alive? 

Our mother plays such a significant role in our life.  She was our care giver and our first best friend. She loved and nurtured us. She protected us, she fed us, she bathed us and she made us feel safe in the world. We truly loved and appreciated her for that.

Each mother had her own unique way of showing love to her children. How did your mum show you that she loved you?

In your journal write as much or as little as you want about what you most loved about your mother. You can write this as a story or in bullet points, whatever you prefer. 

May I share: I loved my mum’s strength. She was so strong. She had lived a very hard life. She was a victim of domestic and family violence for years and even though it hurt her a lot, she still found the strength to get up each day.

She was such a brilliant cook and I loved eating just about everything she made. She was so creative. She was a wonderful gardener and loved decorating her home.

She had a big heart and she was so caring. I loved the way she cared for others. I loved how she protected us as children and did everything to make us safe.

I love that she was directive and blunt, just like me. She was simply the best mum. I love my mum so much, just because she was my mum.

There is so much to love about your mother. She really was unique. I want you to really express your love creatively. You may want to make a collage, or draw a picture for her or just use creative words. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you are remembering what you loved about her.

This exercise will help you make sense of why you miss your mother so much. Remember this healing journey is all about becoming aware of the pain living inside you.