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What I Miss About My Mum

What I Miss About My Mum

Awareness Exercise: Make a list of all the things that you miss about your mum.

There are so many things that you will miss about her. The smell of her hair. Her nurturing ways. Her big loving heart. Her cooking.  Our mums were so unique and quirky, so don’t forget those parts of her too. The list may be endless, but keep writing all the things you miss about her.

As painful as it is to list all the things you miss about her, it’s also a lovely awareness exercise. It will help you see how significant your mum was in your life and why you feel so overwhelmed on the days that you really miss her. It will help you normalise your feelings and reactions to your grief and add a small amount of comfort in knowing that what you are feeling is a normal grief reaction to a significant loss.

You may keep adding to this list, so keep some space in your journal.

“There is so much to miss about mum”