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The Power Of Poetry

The Power Of Poetry

A few days ago, you wrote a poem to your mother from the inner child, today I want you to write your mum a poem from your adult self. It can be as long or as short as you wish.

Poetry is a beautiful way of expressing your feelings. Don’t get caught up in the poem having to rhyme, just let the words come to you. You may want to sit in silence for a little while for inspiration to write the poem. Be creative and let it flow.  

May I share: I have written a few poems about my mother since her death. It definitely has helped me express the pain living in my heart.

Writing poetry is a wonderful way of expressing inner feelings using words. Grief has a language of its own and poetry gives words to the unique language.  It helps give some of your pain a voice.

Below is a poem that I wrote about sitting by my mum’s bedside as she was dying.

I sat by her bedside

I sat by her bedside, day and night

I felt a pain deep in my heart

Because someday soon

She was going to part

She was weak and frail

Scared and afraid

She whispers words with sincerity

That she wanted to stay

She had a family

And many friends too

Who wished and waited

For her to pull through

She didn’t make it

She died today

As she found her way

To that peaceful place

We call home

I miss her, you know

In so many ways

I wish she found the strength

To stay a few more days

But she couldn’t do it

She was ready to go

Yet, sadly, I’m left here

Missing her so.