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I Listen To My Body (Body Awareness)

I Listen To My Body (Body Awareness)

You will need your journal for this exercise.

I want you to find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. If you like, you may want to play some gentle relaxation music.

Now I want you to close your eyes and become aware of your entire body. You may want to scan your body from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Take as long as you need to scan your body (give yourself at last 10 minutes minimum to get in touch with your body).

Once you have become aware of what is happening in your body (this will include, pain, sensations, feelings, tightness or maybe even feeling relaxed), I want you to ask your body this question; “what are these sensations in my body telling me?”.

I really want you to listen to your body. Our body is so often ignored when it comes to grief and we think that grief is an intellectual and emotional experience only. Our body can be a rich source of information if you are prepared to listen to it.  Gently listen to what your body speaks to you. DON’T judge anything.

Once you have finished scanning your body and becoming aware, in your journal, write down your experiences. Be quite specific. For example, if you are feeling tightness in your shoulders, write that down. If you have a headache, write that down. If you experienced anxiety in your chest and stomach, write that down too. If your thoughts are chaotic, write down your thoughts.

Once you have written in your journal, I want you to close your eyes again and ask yourself this question: “What does my body need right now?”.

Give yourself a bit of time to listen to what your body needs. In your journal, I want you to write down what it is that your body needs. Again, be specific. Your body may want more sleep or more exercise. It may need to relax more. It may need healthier food and lots of water. It may want a long hot bath. Really listen to your body.

Once you have finished writing it all down, spend a few moments reading over what you have written. Then I want you to give to your body what it asked for. 

Your body will love you for giving it what it really needs.

“Our body speaks to us all the time. Please listen to what your body needs”