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The Importance Of Trust

The Importance Of Trust

Trusting people with our grief is hard because so often we feel misunderstood and silenced.

Awareness Exercise: make a list of all the people that you have trusted with your grief. All you are doing is becoming aware of who you have trusted with your feelings.

Now I want you to make another list of all the people you haven’t trusted. This list will include people that you haven’t trusted because somewhere on your journey they have acted or spoken in a way that has shown you that they are unable to hold a space for your feelings. 

This exercise is not about judging or criticising anyone. It’s about becoming aware of who you can trust to hold a space for you to feel your grief and loss.  Unfortunately, not everyone in your life will have the capability to hold your grief safely for you.

Talking to the right people can make all the difference when expressing your grief. When you share your grief and feel understood, it’s such a relief. There is nothing worse than talking about your pain to someone and they dismiss it or try and change the subject.

This exercise will help you realise who you can and who you can’t trust with your inner pain and feelings, without holding grudges or resenting them.

It can be very empowering knowing who you can and can’t trust. What this means is that you will be more inclined to speak to those you trust rather than those you don’t, and by doing this, it means that your needs will be met.

“Your grief needs deserve to be met”