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Imagining Heaven

Imagining Heaven

This exercise is more of an imaginary exercise.

It’s about being creative.  Everyone on Earth has the power of imagination. 

I want you to reflect on your beliefs about heaven or spirit world. (I do understand that some people don’t believe in heaven or spirit world and think that when we die, that it’s all over). I believe that we are an eternal soul and that heaven is a place for us to meet up with our loved ones who have already crossed over and a place for us to rest.

I want you to imagine your (loved one) in heaven. Who are they with? Are they surrounded by love and peace? Are they an angel now? Are they happy there? Are they pain free? I want you to write about how you would like to imagine your (loved one) in heaven.

For me, I’d like to imagine my mum with her parents surrounded by so much love and peace. I’d imagine that she sends an energy of love to earth every night for me. I’d imagine that she is guiding my life path and looking out for me. I’d imagine that she is smiling, happy and pain free. I’d imagine that she is having the well-deserved rest that she didn’t get here on earth. I’d imagine that our hearts are forever linked and that I will get to see her again when my time here on earth is over.

Get really creative with your imagination with this exercise and keep writing until you are guided to stop.

Once you have stopped writing, take a beautiful deep breath and read over what you have written. Become aware of what it feels like for you and especially feel it deeply in your heart.

Enjoy this enriching, beautiful exercise.

“Heaven is Home”