Past Life Regression

Spirituality and Past Life Regression (PLR) – I read the book called “Many Lives, Many Masters” by the amazing Dr Brian Weiss who I had the pleasure of meeting in 2012 when he came to Australia. This book changed my life forever. All the meditation I had done, all the research on the soul and the journey of the soul made so much sense. I finally got it.

Then one day I listened to one of Brian’s meditation CD’s on PLR and had the most incredible experience. That was the beginning of so many more PLR meditations and so many incredible experiences that really made sense to me.

My new series of meditation CD’s include a 38 minute PLR track. I have used it twice now and both times had significant information come forth.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a hypnotic experience, where the facilitator or a guided meditation CD, will direct you into a trance state (deep relaxation) to unlock past life memories. Past life experiences help one to make sense of current life experiences by providing the conscious mind information about past lives. Emotional blockages, fears, unresolved issues, unwanted behaviours can all be associated to past lives. Once a person recalls a past life it can automatically shift the energy and promote healing.

Many people don’t believe in past lives and think that this lifetime is the only lifetime one will ever experience. Imagine this lifetime being the only lifetime to ever experience – OMG, you would want to jam pack so much into this lifetime, imagine how exhausted you would be.

Past life regression is not to be feared, yet I completely understand people’s fear. The unknown is certainly scary for some people. Admittedly, I was a bit scared the first couple of times and then it became part of my spiritual journey and awakening. A time for me to explore my soul journey on a deeper level, to understand some of the relationships I have with significant others and most importantly to heal the soul ready for the next incarnation.

Let Me Share One Of My PLR Experiences With You Dating Back To 2010

I was a young girl aged between 5-8 years old and I lived in Egypt. It was a warm sunny day and I was walking alone on the streets in Egypt. I appeared to be happy and content in my pretty white dress with my shoulder length brown hair blowing in the light breeze. Then all of a sudden I was approached by an older man who had a nasty, cruel energy. The man appeared to be in his late 50’s.  I recognised this man as my father in this lifetime. The man came right up beside me and suddenly took my hand. We seemed to be walking together rather quickly along the streets in Egypt, like we were in a hurry. I recall feeling very unsafe and scared. The man took us to a boat on the edge of the Nile River. The man then helped me on to the boat, as my instincts were screaming “danger” and I couldn’t do a thing about it.  He quickly and abruptly rowed the boat out into the Nile River where we were out of sight. I felt so unsafe and so powerless. I was terrified, and had no idea what was to come next.

I recall looking over at the man as I was sitting in the boat, watching him curiously. My fear increasing the further we were out of sight. He then grabbed me in a rough manner and threw me in the water. Obviously I panicked as he held my head under the water until I stopped breathing. I remember struggling – but he was to strong. No breath – there was complete stillness in the little girl’s body and she was face down in the water.

I then vividly recall myself watching the scene from above. I saw the little girl floating in the water. Her little white dress was floating all around her small body and her shoulder length hair was floating around her head.

She was gone, there was no more life force energy. Her lifeless body floating away from the boat – as the man began to row his boat, he left the lifeless body of the little girl all alone in the waters of the Nile River. Yet the soul still lived on!

The Healing As A Result Of This PLR

My entire life – I have feared drowning. Even as a little girl I panic near water especially the ocean. I even avoided putting my face under the water in the shower and if I did – I held my nose or held my breath.  As a child I would go to the beach – and when I returned home and went to bed that night – I would dream of falling off the edge and drowning in the ocean, the fear and panic was overwhelming. I spent a lifetime fearing the water until I experienced this PLR.

Immediately after the PLR, I no longer feared the water or drowning. I still act safely with water, but the overwhelming fear no longer exists.

There are deep mysteries within all of us!

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