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Self Care

I am a huge advocate of self-care.

So many of us struggle to take care of our wellbeing due to the demands of life. We have somehow created a lifestyle that longer sustains our ability to manage and nurture our wellbeing. We fill our life with purposeless activities and neglect our overall wellbeing.

What is self-care

Self-care is when we consciously take care of our emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. This might sound simple, but it’s definitely something that we overlook. Self-care is vital to improve our state of mind and wellbeing. For example: if you are feeling overwhelmed with work commitments and your body begins to feel exhausted and your mind is full of intrusive thoughts, if you were to take some time out for a massage or even a mindful meditation, these self-care practices can reduce your anxiety and bring a gentle calmness back to your life. Our body is not designed to be on autopilot continuously, your body needs time to rest and recover from the stressors of life. We must take care of our own health.

Some may think that self-care is a selfish act, let me assure you that it is not a selfish act at all. Self-care refuels the mind, body and soul. It fills you back up with the energy that is required to get through the day.

Self-care makes you feel good.

Self-care feels inspiring, especially when you are doing something that you really love.

Self-care is not about forcing yourself to do something because you think it is going to make you feel good, it is about doing something that you love, that feeds your soul, brings you joy and refuels your entire being.

Oxford Dictionary Definition of Self-care

The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. “expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care”

I hope by now that you are getting the idea of the importance of self-care and that each of us are responsible for our own wellbeing.

It is up to you how often you want to practice self-care, but I recommend at least you begin with 3 times a week, that means every second day you do something that is just for you.

You will feel the difference in your life. You will feel more alive, more in tune with your inner self and you will reduce your stress levels and anxiety.  You may find that you engage with people more easily, your relationships will improve and that you will feel more relaxed, rather than feeling stressed and overwhelmed. So, make the commitment and start your self-care practice today. Feel free to email me anytime to let me know how about your self-care practices and how they are improving your life.

Download the “Self-care ideas” flyer: Self Care Ideas

Case Scenario

A 40 year old women has a history of trauma. For many years the trauma has taken a toll on her overall wellbeing. She is constantly stressed and always tired and she finds that she is disconnecting from those that love her the most.

She saw a counsellor who was a self-care advocate and gave her a few ideas on how she could better take care of herself. The counsellor suggested that she take a 15 minute walk daily, preferably at the end of the working day and to start her day with a 10 minute mindfulness meditation. The counsellor also recommended that she begin to really enjoy her daily cup of teas. This might sound really simple, but when the women began the self-care strategies, she started to feel better after the first week. It didn’t take away her trauma history, but what it did do was give her some well deserved relief.

A few self-care ideas

Just a few simple self-care ideas that you can do that cost you no money at all.

  1. Take a walk in the park and breathe in the fresh air
  2. Watch the stars at night
  3. Have a cup of tea in the morning sun
  4. Read a book in a comfortable chair in a sunny spot
  5. Make yourself a healthy meal and eat it mindfully
  6. Take a warm bubble bath
  7. Do a meditation or spend 30 minutes doing a guided relaxation
start taking care of yourself today

Make today the day that you begin your new self-care regime. Make today the day that you honour yourself and your life experiences.

Self-care offers much more than relief; it offers a sense of joy. Our life purpose is to do the things that bring a joy…… So, start today.

Want to learn more about self-care? Learn about Self Care

 start your self-care practice today
Take a walk in nature