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Spirit Guides – Are they real or not?

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides, what are they and do they really exist?

How do people know for sure that they are real?

I remember my very first spirit guide meditation experience in 2006 – OMG – it was totally mind blowing.

I started out with absolutely nothing at all as I rested gently in the breath and within approximately 5 minutes, everything changed. I was having vivid images playing right before my eyes. I was emotionally attached to the experience and it felt so real, yet it almost felt unbelievable.

This spirit guide meditation was the beginning of my spiritual journey and I didn’t even know it, until 2011 when spirit guide energy rocked my world and re-defined the relationship I had with my mother forever.

I truly believe in spirit guides and I am forever grateful for their guidance and love.

Here is a spirit guide meditation, that walks you through meeting your spirit guide:

Spirit Guide

Spirit Guides

There is so much literature written about spirit guides. I have no doubt that some of the literature is conflicting, because we all have individual experiences and knowledge of spirit guides. I am sure there are more than one way to meet your spirit guide/s, yet the most common way is through a spirit guide meditation. What usually happens is you sit comfortably, eyes closed and follow the guided meditation CD or the facilitator. Most often people will not experience spirit guide energy for some time. I have a friend who has tried to meditate for the purpose of meeting his guide and still today has not experienced anything close enough for him to say it is his spirit guide. I recall one of my teachers telling our class that spirit guides will make themselves present when the person is ready and not before.

I personally believe that at birth we are introduced to our main spirit guide. This guide is a highly evolved spirit and is here to guide our life path. They show us the way and evolve our spiritual journey. As we go through life we have varies spirit guides walk our path with us. This happens because different guides have different purposes. These guides show up in our life to fulfil the needs/lessons that are required for our spiritual journey to take the next level.

Many of us fail to notice our spirit guide messages and guidance because we get caught up in our chaotic life. These messages/guidance come in many different forms. It might be a simple conversation with someone new, that had a significant message for you. It might be a book that has been recommended to you. It might be a dream or a intuitive message. If spirit guide energy is something you wish to learn more about – I recommend you keep an open mind and an open heart and do some research online or find a meditation circle or psychic development circle.

Master Spirit Guides

Quite some time ago I found the following information about the symbolism of some of the master guides. This information is not referenced as I am unable to find the original source of information.

Guide:  Purpose

Monk:  Knowledge

Chinaman:  Wisdom

Nun:  Peace/Serenity

Egyptian:  Abundance

American Indian:  Healing of the Self

Angels:  Unconditional Love

Meditation is definitely a great way to discover your spirit guide. Just make sure you don’t get disappointed if you are unable to see or feel spirit guide energy straight away or for the first few months. Remember they will come to you when you are ready and not before. It really is a gentle process discovering your spirit guide/s. Just be patient.

For most people it takes a bit of time to learn how to meditate or how to follow a guided meditation. The more you practice meditation the quicker your life will change (for the good) and the likelihood of discovering spirit guides is much greater.

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