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Spiritual Counselling

spiritual Counselling Redlands

There are many forms of spiritual counselling out there; most people hear the word “spiritual” and think of “religion”. I am not referring to religion when I say that I offer spiritual counselling, even though, I love it, when someone brings religion into the counselling space.

For more than 20 years, I have been on my own spiritual journey. I have practised things like, Reiki Healing, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression (PLR), Meditation, Relaxation, Mediumship, Psychic Development, Spirit Guides, Angels and Numerology. Each one of these practices took me on an incredible journey.

Over the years, I have grown personally, professionally and spiritually and without a doubt, I know that each one of the spiritual practices above have given me the true gift of learning, as I pursued a deeper level of self-awareness and I began to understand the importance of our collective consciousness.

We are all one, yet we somehow live separately

What is spiritual counselling?

Spiritual counselling is when a counsellor focuses on and works with a client’s spiritual side. Every client has a different spiritual set of beliefs and practices. Quite often the spirituality of a client can enhance the therapeutic work.

Spiritual counselling adds a new and exciting dimension into the counselling process and in many cases offers an opportunity to take healing in a new direction.

Spirituality is the foundation of inner strength for many clients and can be the source of finding the true meaning of life. The true meaning of life goes beyond our thought consciousness and deep into the spiritual realms that live in and around us. When we are open-minded, we begin to witness the miracles and learn to embody them.

Spiritual counselling helps the client become a “CALM, REFLECTIVE OBSERVER,” taking a peek into their personal life through the eyes of creativity and spontaneity. The goal is to help the client seek authenticity by understanding themselves more deeply, as spirituality guides their life path.

Spiritual counselling can help the client move more deeply into their emotional body, as they begin to understand their emotional pain through the eyes of kindness and compassion. Our emotions are seeking resolution and when we tap into our spiritual self, we are being guided to seek inner truth and wisdom.

Spiritual counselling has the potential to reveal our core inner beliefs and values and guide our path in the direction of peace and harmony. It’s important to make sure that we are not using spirituality to bypass our inner pain, yet, instead using it to grow into our authentic self.

Here is an example of spiritual counselling and how a client can enhance their healing more quickly. A 45-year-old woman comes to counselling; she is questioning whether she wants to remain married to her partner of 15 years. They have three children together.  The woman is feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed. She has spoken to her doctor and refuses any medication at this stage. The client tells me that she believes in angels but is struggling to connect with them. I make enquires about her angels and she tells me in some detail the profound connection she once had with them before she was married. I decide to use guided imagery and walk my client through a beautiful, sacred and gentle exercise where I reconnected her, to her body, using a grounding technique, then introduced her, to her long-lost guardian angel. My client had tears streaming down her face as she reconnects to an aspect of her spirituality, that seem to have faded over the years, due to the commitment of family and parenting.  In our next session together, my client tells me that she has been connecting with her guardian angel daily and has been practicing meditation when the kids go to bed a night. She happily tells me that she feels a bit more connected to her partner and is less stressed.

This is a just one example of how connecting someone to something beyond the physical realm can be a powerful and healing experience.

Here are a few simple steps to nurture your spiritual self:

  • Keep plenty of sleep
  • Exercise daily (a 20-minute walk)
  • Stay connected to people who love you
  • Eat a well-balanced, healthy diet
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Yoga
  • Grounding (stand on the Earth with no shoes on)
  • Practice JOY (do the things that bring you joy)
  • Keep positive and optimistic
  • Honour your feeling of sadness (never avoid them, get help if you feel the need)
  • Practice self-love
Why the right counsellor is important

I want you to imagine for a minute the friends you have in your life. I have no doubt you have friends you can talk to openly and really trust, and then you have friends you don’t talk to openly, yet you still value their friendship. Finding the right counsellor is as equally important as having a friend you can trust. Even though counsellors are not your friend, they are a professional who establishes an open relationship with you that entails trust. This trusting relationship then allows you the opportunity to open up and work through your issues. When a positive therapeutic relationship is established between counsellor and client, change will occur.

Bernadette’s Definition of Counselling

Counselling is so much more than talking, its an opportunity to tune into a language that we don’t often give a voice to and that is our inner world. So many people avoid what they feel inside and try and fix it with solution focused techniques. I want to hear your inner world speak to me as we gently explore all aspects of self, unfolding the layers of life and eventually tapping into the authentic being, the true aspect of self .

transforming through love, compassion and kindness
spirituality offers another dimension