Stress really screws us up!

It changes us on so many levels. It impacts our mental, physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional well being. It interferes in our relationship and basically it makes us sick. Yet, we keep doing the same thing over and over again and we remain stressed and out of balance. We then blame the entire world and everyone in it for how we feel and then the cycle starts all over again. Taking responsibility for your own well being and stress- has to result in change.

Meditation Reduces Stress

I want to share some information about stress and how it impacts us on a level that most people don’t understand.

Stress can be described as a silent killer. This definition is very confronting and the medical industry is now dealing with the overwhelming health factors men, women and children are facing on a daily basis. Clinical and medical diagnosis such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, mental health issues such as depression and anxiety are all common health issues caused by STRESS.

Stress impacts the body in such a negative way that the body can only respond by shutting down and getting sick. As a therapist I observe and work closely with the body. I understand those who are under a tremendous amount of stress are those who present with physical and mental illnesses. The body can only take so much stress and we individually – and collectively – need to be aware that stress is hurting us on so many levels.

I see clients who suffer fatigue, headaches, body aches, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or the symptoms of IBS, depression, anxiety, chest pain, dizziness, neck, shoulder and back pain. In some of the worst cases people have pace makers, high blood pressure and a history of minor stokes.

So how does meditation help those who suffer from stress? Meditation gives the body and mind time to stop and to be in the present moment.  We are so busy in our professional and personal lives that we rarely get time to stop. Our body was not designed to continually be on the go. Our body was designed to have balance. It was never designed to exhaust itself.

In meditation the body has time to stop and recover from the continual stress and the non-stop activity we do on a daily basis. Some of you may ask how the body heals itself in meditation. I believe that meditation promotes healing when we rest and relax the body. Even if you take 15 -30 minutes of lying down and doing a gentle relaxation exercise, the body will be very grateful. Try it!

In meditation the body gently slows down, the cells, the muscles and the organs in the body have time to slow right down and are completely rested. Even though meditation is a practice of the mind, the body plays a significant role in meditation. Both mind and body relax, promoting healing on a deeper level.

Simple Exercise To Practice

Now imagine for a minute that you can stop everything you are doing and just bring yourself into this moment.

Imagine in this moment… can STOP….. BREATHE and RELAX.

Just let the body be still…… quiet ….. and rest in the present moment.

Now bring your awareness into the body and take note of how the body responds.

What does your body want to do? Whatever is happening just come back and STOP….. BREATHE and RELAX.

Allow yourself at least 15 minutes to really benefit from this exercise.

Affirmation – Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom!

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