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Understanding The Impact Of Losing Your Mother

Why do the healing journey?

Understanding the impact of losing your mother,  a Gentle Healing Journey is an experiential healing journey focused on experience and observation, reflection and healing. The healing journey is based on grieving the loss of your mother.

I would not recommend the healing journey for those who have just lost their mother. The healing journey would be best suited to someone who feels like they need some gentle direction in understanding their grief experience. 

The healing journey was inspired to help others go within and understand their grief journey more deeply. When we lose someone we love, there is so much uncertainty and the overwhelming feelings of grief can take a toll. I know the pain of losing a mother and if you are reading this content, I know that you are in pain too.

The healing journey is an opportunity to bring some awareness to your pain. To open up your mind and your heart. To give your body a voice. To seek insight into what is happening inside you and embrace your pain, instead of trying to push it away.

Understanding The Impact of Losing Your Mother

UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT OF LOSING YOUR MOTHER – A GENTLE HEALING JOURNEY is a gentle way of exploring the pain of living without her.

The Healing Journey gives you:

  • The GIFT of being authentic and real with your grief and loss
  • The GIFT of honouring the sacred relationship with the “mother” energy
  • The GIFT of acknowledging the pain living inside you
  • The GIFT of honouring your mother’s death in the essence of love and sorrow
  • The GIFT of letting go of some the heaviness of grief that envelopes your heart
  • The GIFT of being true to yourself and no longer suffering in silence
  • The GIFT of no longer avoiding, denying or resisting your grief
  • The GIFT of understanding and transforming the loss into a new kind of love
  • The GIFT of being honest with your feelings and emotions
  • The GIFT of dancing with your grief
  • The GIFT of exploring self-care in the midst of grief and loss
  • The GIFT of “TIME”. Time to explore your grief at your own pace
  • The GIFT of embracing the love of your mother
  • The GIFT of exploring how her death has impacted you

Here is the course outline:  Understanding the Impact of Losing your Mother Outline

We will all experience pain in our life, but grief is a different type of pain. It’s long lasting, actually, it lasts forever. It does not discriminate. We will all experience grief at some point in our lives. Grief is a potent pain, but it’s not until we feel it fully, that we can heal it.

The healing journey has a strong therapeutic foundation and will help you understand and express your grief safely as you connect more deeply to the parts of you that are struggling. It will also introduce you to self-care and self-soothing exercises to help you take care of yourself whilst you are in pain.

Here is the course outline:  Understanding the Impact of Losing your Mother Outline


Wow, what a journey!

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a Mother would benefit from completing “Understanding The Impact of Losing Your Mother, a Gentle Healing Journey”. I started my healing journey just after my mother’s 3 year passing anniversary. It was clearly the right time to start dealing with my grief. I had almost hit rock bottom. My work life was fantastic however my personal life was on a fast-downward spiral.

It may have taken me much longer to complete my healing journey but that’s ok, cause we all deal with grief differently. Peeling away barriers like an onion is extremely hard but the healing journey allowed me to reflect and re-discover myself in a safe and comfortable way and in my own time! I discovered things about myself that I did not realise. I even found myself identifying and agreeing with Bernadette in her grief, I felt like I was turning a page in my own grief book.

Bernadette, thank you for putting together an online healing course which allows you to reflect and work with grief in an honest and positive way. It may have taken me more than 28 days and I many have walked away from a few days more than once, but it also gave me the strength to come back and deal with my grief in my own time.

I can’t speak highly enough about “Understanding The Impact Of Losing Your Mother, a Gentle Healing Journey”.  It’s a journey that I am glad I took!

Lyndell (Australia)

What is included in the course?

The healing journey gives you a daily awareness or healing exercise. There are 28 exercises in total. Each day you set aside some quality time (alone) to go through each exercise. The healing journey will stir up lots of emotions in an attempt to bring awareness, love and some healing to your grief.

The healing journey you will explore some of the following: grief symptoms, denying grief, anger, sadness, loneliness, self-soothing and self-care, the impact of your mother’s death, what you miss about your mum, triggers, remembering your mother plus so much more.

Understanding The Impact of Losing Your Mother

How long does the healing journey take to complete?

The healing journey will take you on average 3 to 8 weeks to complete. However, because the content will stir up lots of emotions it may take longer. Trust your feelings and take as long as you need.


Who is the healing journey for?

The healing journey is mostly suited to women; however, men too are emotional beings and they too deserve to understand their journey of losing their mother. However, I honestly believe that women will be more attracted to this course.

What is the cost for the healing journey?

The cost is a one-off payment of $99.00


Is there any ongoing support during and after the healing journey?

There is a private Facebook group called “Understanding the Impact of Losing Your Mother” for people who are doing the healing journey or who have completed the course. It’s a great way to keep in touch, to share feelings and to be supported while you are doing the healing journey.

Here is the course outline:  Understanding the Impact of Losing your Mother Outline

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