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A Simple Meditation Practice- Learn to Meditation TODAY

My Definition of Meditation

Meditation is an ongoing practice of moment to moment experiences that cultivate an inner peace, aiming to go beyond thought and into awareness (restful alertness)

A simple practice of meditation as follows:

Step 1

  1. Sit in a comfortable upright position
  2. Close your eyes
  3. Gently bring your awareness to the breath- notice the in breath and the out breath
  4. Now observe your natural breathing rhythm

Step 2

  1. Now gently bring your awareness into the body
  2. Scan your body from head to toe observing any tension
  3. Now allow the tension held in the body to be released
  4. Gently imagine your body becoming relaxed. Now rest in this relaxed state.

Step 3

  1. As the body is relaxed, allow yourself to be mindful of the present moment “the now”
  2. Thoughts from the past and the future will become present in your mind. Just allow the thoughts to come and go without resistance.
  3. Now allow yourself to sit in this present moment
  4. Have no expectations, all you are doing is being present in this beautiful relaxed state
  5. When you are ready open your eyes and return to the here and now.

Learn more about meditation:


What is Meditation

Meditation is like a flower, the more you meditate, the more you blossom

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