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What is Spirituality?

Spirituality – What is spirituality and how do people label themselves as spiritual when they still remain malicious and unkind to others.

A true spiritual being is someone who endeavours to take on the inner journey of personal and spiritual growth. It’s like planting the seed, watering it and then watching it grow.

I learnt that meditation played a big part in developing spiritually. In the midst of silence – an awareness was observed. I could finally see the truth.

Spirituality is NOT just a word

Spirituality is so much more than a word. It is an action, a feeling, a creation, a thought, a practice, it can be many things. A strong aspect of spirituality is cultivating the true inner being. It is opening ourselves up to the divine universal energy, being in balance with everything around us. The sun, the rain, the moon, the stars, the mountains, the sea, the universe and all of nature. Spirituality when awakened is like tapping into a pure and divine energy. There is a deep yearning for love and understanding on a core soul level. The soul is what seeks the truth and is nourished by virtues of compassion, kindness, gratitude, love, hope, peace, patience, insight, awareness, purpose, creativity and tolerance.

An inner voice talks to us and our soul guides our path to places and people, events and books, movies and spiritual teachers in search of balance and freedom. We no longer want to hold onto pain and discomfort. We want to find the life path that nurtures our soul, feeds our spirit and cultivates our awareness. Once the path is in sight, we become the master creator of our own spiritual journey. We then follow the path to truth – in search of life experiences that teach us our most sacred life lessons. It is the sacred life lessons that cultivate our true spiritual journey. It is the events, situations and experiences that draw out our strengths and show us our vulnerabilities. It is the people we meet along the way, whether they hurt us or love us, they too are our teachers.  Life is our teacher, we are the student, yet we too are the teacher.

Imagine setting an example in the world that promotes love and self acceptance. I often wonder why we are here. What can we teach others. How can we make it a better world. Then I realised the only thing we can do,  is grow and mature into a true spiritual being and set an example to others,  that this is possible and it is all worth it. Teaching others by example is better than preaching to others. Even though I consider sharing information, beliefs and experiences are all part of the learning journey for those we meet along the way. If others never shared their knowledge and experiences with me, then I wouldn’t know what I know today.

Enhancing Your Spiritual Growth

Developing spiritually can be enhanced through the practice of meditation. The ongoing practice of meditation is like the water that grows the seed into a beautiful tree. There are so many ways to meditation today – example: silent meditation, music meditation, transcendental meditation (TM), guided meditations, open eyed meditation and so on.

One of the simplest meditation practices is guided meditation. What it does, is teach people how to move gently into a meditative state through listening to someone guide them. It promotes relaxation and stillness and opens up the imaginative mind and also activates an inner voice that cannot be accessed during a busy mind/busy life. I have been a witness to so many people access information from deep within as a result of meditation alone and it has been an incredible experience to watch people grow and develop into beautiful spiritual beings.

Don’t underestimate the power of meditation until you have tried it.
If you are thinking that you want your life to change – then learn to meditate!

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