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Bernadette Sutherland
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom
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A unique style of counselling

Counselling is so much more than talking, its an opportunity to tune into a language that we don’t often give a voice to and that is our inner world. So many people avoid what they feel inside and try and fix it with solution focused techniques. I want to hear your inner world speak to me as we gently explore all aspects of self, unfolding the layers of life and eventually tapping into the authentic being, the true aspect of self.

It’s not just counselling:
It’s awareness

History states that we have been counselling clients since the early 20th century, yet dates back as early as 1881 with the work of Sigmund Freud who researched the human mind.

Counselling is no longer just about the mind; it is about the mind, body and spirit, Therapists are now helping clients become more deeply aware of their inner being, exploring aspects of self that help people identify with their true potential and align themselves with life.  Therapy helps clients become much more aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and facilitates personal responsibility.

Over the years I have explored spirituality and the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Intuition and spiritual awareness has played a huge role in my work with clients. Please let me define spiritual, so it is not confused with religion: my interpretation of spiritual is a deep awareness of all aspects/parts of self (this includes the light and the darkness) where one realises that deep within themselves is a virtuous being. When clients become aware of their light and their darkness, they are moving towards wholeness. Most often we focus on being positive (the light) and completely neglect (the darkness) and this is why true healing doesn’t take place and clients are forever seeking a new therapist, because the last one didn’t help. There is a gift in understanding all aspects/parts of our self. The self help movement delude people by preaching that positivity is the only way to be.

I would like to challenge that, by saying that the aspects/parts of us that are sad, depressed, worried, stressed or hurt are just as valid and deserve to be heard, explored and voiced. In my professional experiences, not all clients are ready to explore the darkness and walk the new path.

After losing my mother to pancreatic cancer 48 days after her diagnosis in December 2013, it deeply reinforced the way I work with clients and gave me a deeper awareness of empathy. I realised that so many people are hurting on the inside and hide their pain (the darkness) from the world. As my mother was dying, she told me she didn’t want to die and that she had so much to live for. It was upon deep reflection after her death that I realised that life is a gift and if one can discover their true potential and live in peace and harmony, then together we are creating a higher level of universal consciousness. I advocate for peace and harmony, yet understand that self loathing and discontentment are aspects/parts of us that need exploring and healing.

Have you ever wondered about your life and the many vast experiences you have had (some of them of course have been deeply painful). Do you ever wonder why you are here and what is your purpose.  Has life taken you on a journey where you sometimes feel uncertain, well let me assure you, that you are not alone.

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