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Bernadette is a beautiful, calm person who I feel has inspired me to reach my full potential. She is very insightful and has helped me focus more on myself and my journey.

Bernadette was very explicit with her knowledge during the workshop. I enjoyed the beautiful and meaningful discussions and I have learnt that I need to practice what I have learnt to live a fulfilling life. What I have taken away from this workshop is to recognise my feelings and have the courage to make decisions and always remember my worthiness.

Bernadette has a beautiful calming presences and I felt comfortable to share & Bernadette taught me to be honest with myself.

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Bernadette has helped my wife and I reach a new level of understanding, compassion and intimacy that I doubt we would have ever achieved on our own. She is a wonderfully kind, generous and compassionate woman, who genuinely cares about her clients. She is also wonderfully courageous, and can really cut through the BS when she has to. She can, quite frankly, tell you to pull your head out of your butt, but in a way that makes you want to hug her! I would highly recommend Bernadette, and Hand in Hand counselling to anyone. (2013)

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Gumnut Kidz Kindergarten

I cannot thank you enough for the time you spent with my team and I yesterday afternoon. Your incredible intuition helped to personalise your services to our needs. The health and well-being of my team is paramount and I am ever so grateful that you have provided them with a window to the benefits of relaxation and meditation. Your methods of teaching were reassuring and engaging enabling us all to participate and benefit from your enlightenment, even though time was of an essence. The resources you provided were genuinely appreciated and of particular interest to me. Thank you again for taking time out of your weekend to work with us.

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Thank you for changing my life by changing my thinking. I enjoyed every counselling session with you. Your professionalism has made a huge difference in my life. Your beautiful counselling nature has lightened up the darkness corner of my soul. I feel rejoice and somehow more optimistic. You are a dealer of hope.

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I attended counselling for one year or so with Bernadette and during this time I found her to be professional and caring and I really appreciated her open approach to counselling. Since counselling my life has improved with new approaches to life, people and myself. I thank her for all the support and understanding she has given me.

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I want to say a big thank you to Bernadette for not giving up on me when I felt like I couldn’t see a way out of my situation. She gave me strength and compassion to keep on with life in a positive way.

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I would like to thank you so much for all your help over the past 7 months. When my Husband and I came to you for help after our separation I honestly thought that there was no way of overcoming what was a broken marriage.
We had our ups and downs but with your help and efforts we pushed on and I can finally say that we are the happiest we have ever been in 13 years of being together and we have you to thank for it.

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Not only has your work paid off personally but our family life has never been so connected. Your style of counselling is unique, and you always made us feel comfortable. When we were wrong you told us and when we were right you praised us.
You are definitely someone we look up to and we are so grateful to have had you help guide us through our tough times. You never gave up on us and that’s something Ill always be thankful for.


My name is Sandra, I attend meditation classes with Bernadette each Tuesday night, and I have found the experience very uplifting and enjoyable. I lead a very busy life and the meditation helps to keep me on an even keel. I definitelyrecommend the classes to all. I wish you all could share the experience.


I have attended meditation classes conducted by Bernadette for the last two years. A rewarding experience that has opened up new horizons. I have achieved great satisfaction from being able to relax, be calm and expand the mind. I found an inner peace and contentment that I never would have thought could possibly be achieved. I would recommend meditation to anyone who is looking to find quiet and to de-stress in a hectic world.

Thank you Bernadette; for your special talent in making meditation a wonderful experience that is forever changing and evolving.

Love & Light Julianne


I recently attended The Miracle of Me retreat facilitated by Janine-Louise and Bernadette and all I can say is WOW!

We laughed, we cried, we danced and shared our feelings and life experiences with each other. It was facilitated in such a loving and safe way that I felt confident in opening up and being my ‘true self’ in front of everyone which would normally be quite confronting. There was no judgement or ridicule, just openness, love and compassion. It was a very unique and liberating weekend.

The stunning bush setting at the Brahma Kumaris was absolutely breath taking. So peaceful every morning waking up to the sounds of birds and wildlife then falling asleep under a sky filled with millions of stars. This is something I don’t get to enjoy enough living in the city so it was very special to me. The vegetarian food was absolutely delicious with generous portions the BK’s were kind and respectful and took great care of us. I found the meditations were inspiring and uplifting and really helped to raise the collective energy of the group.

Thank you to the amazing Kamayani – our special entertainment was beyond words and I still get chills just thinking about it!!

The Miracle of Me truly was a remarkable and life changing experience. An experience that I did not think would or could ever have such a huge impact on my life. These memories will stay with me for life. Thank you to Janine-Louise, Bernadette and to all of my new friends for allowing me to be apart of this journey with you all. I am so grateful, any expectations I could have possibly had were far exceeded. You each made the experience all the more special and I am looking forward to catching up with you all at the next workshop!

THANK YOU     With love and light   Bek Brien xxx

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After reading about the seven principles of self awareness, I knew I wanted to understand this concept more and come to appreciate ‘the miracle’ of being me.

Leading up to the workshop, I didn’t really know what to expect by participating in it, though I was preparing to undergo a transformation.

And it was certainly an awakening experience. It is an opportunity to connect with like-minded and like-hearted souls in a beautiful and safe space.

For me, it was a spiritual journey of growth, an emotional transition into clarity and at times confronting for my ego!

But with love and intuitive guidance from both Bernadette and Janine, I came to see myself through new eyes.

Almost like reacquainting with an old friend, I had rediscovered my true Self and am one quantum leap closer to mastering self-love and living in my unique truth.

And to experience all of this in such a beautiful natural setting was simply awesome, the location and facilities were perfect in accommodating such a journey.

love, hugs and smiles  S ?


I have attended meditation sessions with Bernadette Sutherland, on and off, for approx. 4 years.  In the meditation sessions Bernadette has had the ability to calm my mind, body and soul so that I have been able to go to a place deep within myself to find inner peace and tranquility. This has enabled me to find answers that I have been looking for.  Answers to questions that are deep within myself that only I have the ability to find.

When I purchased Bernadette’s CD, ‘The Valley of Silence’, I never thought for one minute that the CD would have the same effect on me as a personal meditation session.  After all it was a CD.  Not like sitting in a peaceful meditation room with all the ambience of calm and tranquility, to help settle you before you begin Bernadette’s meditation. But I was wrong!

The day I sat down to listen to the CD I was in a total state of anxiety and didn’t think anything could possibly calm me, as I had been in that state for a few weeks.  I had intended  on listening to both tracks that day but started with the first meditation track ‘Guided Relaxation’.

I sat down and tried to calm myself before I started the CD, to no avail, so I just pressed play.

Bernadette’s soothing voice started flowing through me and I followed her instructions.  By the end of the 1st track I was in such a peaceful state, so relaxed, that I felt completely at ease.  I couldn’t believe it!  For the first time in weeks I could think straight and logically and was no longer anxious and upset.

The next day I listened to the second meditation track ‘The Valley of Silence’ and once again was able to go deep within myself to places I wanted and needed to go.  This track is incredible!

Bernadette has a natural ability to deliver Meditation in a very calm, peaceful manner.  She has a gift to be cherished and I wish her every success with her CD ‘The Valley of Silence’.  Hopefully it is the first of many.

Good work Bernadette!!!   I hope others get the same sense of calm and understanding of themselves when they listen to your CD.

Camden Crystal Shop

I finally got around to listening to your CD today and in one word WOW, it was absolutely beautiful, I just loved it. It is the best meditation CD I have heard in a long time. I think I would even go to say it was the best I have heard. Your voice was absolutely beautiful and the music sensational. Congratulations.


I just wanted to let you know I used your Valley of Silence meditation this morning. What a beautiful experience! You have a wonderful voice for this, and your choice of back ground music is perfect.

It is a very pleasant relaxing and enjoyable experience and I most certainly achieved a level of relaxation and peace that I have not previously achieved.

Thank you again for all your help and for this wonderful CD.


Have never undertaken any form of meditation until I listened to Bernadette’s “The Valley of Silence” CD. What a unique experience and a wonderful introduction to the art of meditation. Bernadette’s soothing voice and the beautiful background music made it so easy to fall into a very relaxed state. I still have far to go but with the guidance of this CD I know I will reach my destination. Thank you, Bernadette.