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BROKEN HEART – A Gentle Healing Journey will help you understand your grief and learn to nurture it with deep LOVE and CARE.

  • Are you exhausted and can barely function?
  • Are you overwhelmed with sadness?
  • Are you riddled with loneliness and spend too much time alone?
  • Are you struggling to get through each day?
  • Do you find yourself withdrawing from friends and family? If so, you are not alone.

DID YOU KNOW: that approximately 150,000 people die per day. If we were to calculate based on the death of 100,000 people per day, that each one of them had 100 people grieving their loss, that would mean that 10,000,000 people grieve each day. That’s a lot of people grieving the loss of someone they love.


Download the brochure here: BROKEN HEART A gentle healing journey Brochure

Download the Healing Journey Outline here: BROKEN HEART Outline (1)

If you’d like to take the Broken Heart A Gentle Healing Journey then click on this link:


Grief is a natural response to a loss, usually to the loss of someone or something that has died. Grieving is a normal part of life.

Grief can impact our mental, physical, emotional, behavioural and spiritual wellbeing.

I think it is important to know that there is no right way to grieve, there is only your way. What this means is that each of us will grieve differently to a significant loss.


The impact of grief can vary, yet the majority of us will experience similar grief reactions. Emotional impacts may be feelings of numbness, loneliness, emptiness, anger, hurt and guilt.

It is important to reduce the physical impacts of grief, even though this can be very hard for many of us. We can do this by maintaining a healthy diet, basic exercise such as walking and having adequate sleep and rest.

Behavioural impacts are things like crying a lot, poor appetite, sleep disturbances and social withdrawal.

Overall, grief can have a negative impact on our well-being, therefore knowing about the impacts can help you take better care of yourself while you are grieving.


The GIFT of being authentic and real with your grief and loss

The GIFT of acknowledging the pain living inside you

The GIFT of honouring your loved one’s death in the essence of love and sorrow

The GIFT of letting go of some of the heaviness that envelopes your heart

The GIFT of being true to yourself and no longer suffering in silence

The GIFT of no longer avoiding, denying or resisting your grief

The GIFT of understanding and transforming the loss into a new kind of love

The GIFT of being honest with your feelings and emotions

The GIFT of exploring self-care in the midst of grief and loss

The GIFT of “TIME”. Time to explore your grief at your own pace

The GIFT of exploring how your loved ones death has impacted you


The Healing Journey was inspired to help people go within and understand their grief journey more deeply. When we lose someone we love, there is so much uncertainty and the overwhelming feelings of grief can take a toll.

The Healing Journey is an opportunity to bring some awareness to your pain, to seek insight into what is happening inside you and embrace your pain, instead of trying to push it away.

Essentially, you are journaling your grief experience as a part of the healing journey. You are required to purchase your own special and sacred journal. The journal is your go-to place for you to explore, understand and begin to transform some of the pain living inside you.

The Healing Journey has a strong therapeutic foundation and will help you understand and express your grief safely as you connect more deeply to the parts of you that are struggling. It will also introduce you to self-care and self-soothing exercises to help you take better care of yourself whilst you are in pain.

You will feel calmer and less stressed

You will develop compassion and be more empathic towards yourself and others

You will learn to take better care of your overall well-being

The Healing Journey takes place in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. It is a gentle way of exploring your grief and loss in a space that is safe for you (your home). If you are already in counselling, you could share some of the exercises with your counsellor and talk through what the exercises are bringing up for you.

Download the Healing Journey Outline here: BROKEN HEART Outline (1)


The Healing Journey gives you a daily awareness and/or healing exercise. There are 25 exercises in total. Each day you set aside some quality time (alone) to go through each exercise. You may find doing an exercise each day is too much, that’s perfectly OK, just take as long as you need for each exercise.  Most people will not do an exercise per day, due to work and family commitments. The healing journey will stir up lots of emotions in an attempt to bring awareness, love and some healing to your grief. You will STOP avoiding the pain and begin to embrace it.


You will receive ten beautiful intuitive rituals. Each one of them are unique. The goal of the rituals is to bring you into your mind and body in hope of awakening some of the pain living inside you and supporting inner healing. Some of the rituals will connect you to your loved one in a creative and loving way.

  • I am safe
  • I make space for my grief
  • Earth mother ritual
  • Breathe into your heart
  • Dancing with my grief
  • Cocoon ritual
  • Photo ritual
  • Bath ritual
  • Walking ritual
  • Volcano ritual


The Healing Journey includes a guided meditation called “Guided Relaxation”. The Guided Relaxation is a 20-minute guided visualisation that helps relax your mind and body.  Imagine releasing the stress and unwanted energy stored in the body, this meditation will help you do exactly that. You can download the relaxation meditation directly from the website at

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

So many of us don’t reach out for help and suffer in silence. DON’T suffer anymore.

You can register by downloading the PDF Download for a one off payment of $99.00 and begin to honour your pain with love and compassion as you get to know yourself more deeply. Remember, healing is not about forgetting your loved one, it is about understanding and transforming your pain. It’s from our hardship and pain that we learn the biggest lessons and we transform our SELF and our LIFE.

We NEVER get over the loss of someone we love, but we do learn to honour them in a way that brings healing to our life. When we honour our loved ones, we honour our grief.

Download the brochure here: BROKEN HEART A gentle healing journey Brochure


This testimonial is from “Understanding the Impact of Losing Your Mother, a 28 Day Healing Journey”, which is the same course, except it is focused on the loss of a Mother.

Wow, what a journey!

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a Mother would benefit from completing “Understanding the Impact of Losing Your Mother, A Gentle Healing Journey”. I started my the healing journey just after my mother’s 3 year passing anniversary. It was clearly the right time to start dealing with my grief. I had almost hit rock bottom. My work life was fantastic however my personal life was on a fast-downward spiral.

It may have taken me much longer to complete the journey journey but that’s OK, cause we all deal with grief differently. Peeling away barriers like an onion is extremely hard but the healing journey allowed me to reflect and re-discover myself in a safe and comfortable way and in my own time! I discovered things about myself that I did not realise. I even found myself identifying and agreeing with Bernadette in her grief, I felt like I was turning a page in my own grief book.

Bernadette, thank you for putting together an online healing course which allows you to reflect and work with grief in an honest and positive way. It may have taken me more than 28 days and I may have walked away from a few days more than once, but it also gave me the strength to come back and deal with my grief in my own time.

I can’t speak highly enough about “Understanding the Impact of Losing Your Mother, a 28 Day Healing Journey”.  It’s a journey that I am glad I took!

Lyndell (Australia)