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Recognising My Feelings

Recognising My Feelings

Make a list of 10 – 15 words that describe the pain you feel about losing your mum. This is a simple awareness exercise that allows you to be conscious of the feelings that are living inside you on a daily basis.

Example: sad, lonely, lost, scared, empty, unhappy, afraid, miserable

Below is an extensive word list that will help guide you

Once you have written your feeling words down, just read over your list and let them sink in to your body, without denying their existence. By being aware that these feelings are living inside you, it gives you the opportunity to nurture them when they show up in life. So often we run away from what we feel. When we can learn to nurture our feelings, not only can it be empowering, but it can be seen as an act of love. It will help to normalise your grief and feel less like you are going crazy.

Over the next few days, when a feeling shows up, instead of pushing it away, nurture the feeling with love and see how different it feels for you.  Enjoy the awareness.

Emotional Word list

Calm – Relaxed

At ease, Easy going, Peaceful, Safe, Tame, Calm, Mellow, Quiet, Cool, Mild, Relaxed

Vigorous – Active

Active, Daring, Enthusiastic, Spirited, Wild, Adventurous, Lively, Energetic

Happy – Joyful

Optimistic, Terrific, Carefree, Fantastic, Thrilled, Cheerful, Funny, Joyful, Pleasant,

Wonderful, Glad, Pleased, Lucky, Happy, Excited, High

Contented – Powerful

Courageous, Forceful, Strong, Bold, Delighted, Successful, Brave, Dominant, Important,

Powerful, Brilliant, Effective, Independent, Proud, Confident, Fearless

Concerned – Caring

Helpful, Kind, Understanding, Caring, Forgiving, Unselfish, Generous, Nice, Comforting,

Gentle, Interested, Obliging, Concerned, Giving, Sympathetic

Respectful – Loving

Admired, Lovable, Loved, Loving, Respected, Respectable

Tense – Anxious

Alarmed, Impatient, Jumpy, Panicky, Uneasy, Anxious, Jittery, Nervous, Tense, Worried

Sad – Depressed

Blue, Gloomy, Lonely, Sad, Tearful, Glum, Low, Unhappy, Down, Miserable, Unloved, Depressed, Sorrowful, Mournful

Angry – Hostile

Agitated, Bitter, Furious, Nasty, Aggravated, Outraged, Spiteful, Angry, Annoyed, Heartless,

Vindictive, Vengeful, Hostile, Resentful, Violent, Rude, Disgusted, Ruthless, Inconsiderate, Vicious

Tired – Apathetic

Apathetic, Sleepy, Tired, Fatigued, Weary, Bored, Exhausted, Run Down, Sluggish

Confused – Bewildered

Baffled, Doubtful, Shaken, Bewildered, Hesitant, Uncertain, Confused, Lost, Scattered, Speechless, Unsure

Criticised – Shamed

Abused, Criticised, Put Down, Belittled, Embarrassed, Shamed, Cheapened, Humiliated, Ridiculed, Slandered

Inadequate – Weak

Inadequate, Insignificant, Small, Unworthy, Incapable, Useless, Incompetent, Unable,

Vulnerable, Fragile, Powerless, Weak, Helpless, Hopeless, Unimportant, Worthless, Inferior